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Rest in peace, Most Valuable Network

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The home of Indy Racing Revolution will be no more in a matter of weeks.

Most Valuable Network president Evan Brunell has made the decision to close down the six-year-old independent sports media site. In a written statement on his personal blog, Brunell cited financial problems as the “biggest motivating factor” behind his move.

“MVN is backed by family money,” said Brunell in the statement. “In better economic times, our investment on this end was not significant. However, the downturn of the economy has hurt us. Online ad revenue dropped at a time we were pushing to make MVN a bigger and better destination. While we were fortunate to have the resources to exist to date, we’ve arrived at the situation where further investment can no longer be justified.”

Brunell also said that he could no longer work pro bono on a full-time basis for MVN.

“Given my current position in life, this was an arrangement that could not last,” he continued. “I did not see potential for future earning at MVN in a time frame that would have been acceptable — or even doable — to my personal welfare.”

Over the next few weeks, MVN will be slowly dismantled and the front page at will be the lone remnant. MVN will eventually attempt to sell the domain, which currently carries a brief message and a link to the statement.

Multiple MVN blogs — including Indy Racing Revolution — will move to other blog networks, while other blogs will either go independent or shut down outright according to Brunell. IRR will go to the Bloguin network sometime during the next few weeks, joining former MVN sites like 18to88 (Indianapolis Colts), Royals Authority (Kansas City Royals), and The Queensberry Rules (pro boxing).

Saying that MVN’s lasting legacy was as “an adopter of new media” that served as a key influence in bringing sports blogs to the national “mainstream of consciousness,” Brunell believed his company’s history will speak for itself.

“I’m just proud I got the opportunity to lead MVN and work with many wonderful people,” he said.


Written by Chris Estrada

December 7, 2009 at 9:56 pm

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